With the economy we have a very large and very important part of work to do, because on the one hand take their boards, boards of directors and lobbyists not really serious about what can be presumed differently by the global community of people. On the other hand a dictation proceeds from them, that they are different to you.

Right now, the economy is of the opinion that it can remove the microparticles from 2020 from the products. But then we have allegedly reached a level of contamination and poisoning is probably almost impossible to get a grip. On the other hand, it is the area in which we can be successful running the fastest non-bureaucratic and no real financial outlay, because the solution is to operate through the global networks maximum awareness to support and propagate. The Community and the connection of many organizations because brings real benefits. Moreover, we can achieve a lot through the use of alternatives and the Nachaußentragen these alternatives, in the immediate future. Thus, the pressure is, even if only on a small scale, still change significantly.

In addition, there are many alternatives that we can develop the accordingly. If these are then available open source available to all people, we will achieve one or the other. Here are a few things in the drawer, just waiting for their realization, their durability and sustainability is unparalleled.

In this area, it is the most sensible to wait here on the community. Work, approaches and ideas are there in abundance. but it is perfectly reasonable free, enumerate all possible details here. The effort required to clean the water is transparent to most active people, and that goes to make it clear at this point. but we should not want to build the roof without first creating the foundation of the house.