These sources are the origins of the plastic waste and environmental pollution. It applies it first to analyze and every day that turned these and / or adjusted, is an asset for the future of all life on this wonderful blue planet.

We should also not make the mistake to focus here only on the plastic, because that is ultimately what we all can recognize obvious. The for us invisible chemical pollution from heavy metals and other toxic substances usually, with their destructive and cell-altering properties, must be considered in detail and evaluated. It is not an easy task, but it is clear that we have a well-coordinated integrated project in front of us in which we need many solutions and previously need to think carefully. Finally, these reactions can not destroy more nature and to the people must take up in their neutrality, these concepts and implement them at the end. You have the only chance to take the appropriate self-responsible attitude for it here. This is in the political and business circles not possible, because they will hide all their existence at risk.

We are dependent on the valuable work of activists and scientists in recent years that have accumulated in these areas, intensive research and findings and acquired. Finally, we complement each other in all areas and so a perfect team play here arises.

However, we need not address all possible sources at this point, because they are in their own way, each unique in itself and special. Each of them has its own challenge and everything is the same at first glance, will differ slightly at second glance. It is important only that we need here a perfect team play and show how the benefits maximize the success of the global viewing and perfecting and thus abet the whole project.