Plastic in the future

Plastic in the future
(essay by Michael Gruber)

If we get through the plastic of the future thoughts, in my opinion, is not the question of how we can further develop plastics to line our lives maximum with them. Instead, here I see first a question of whether we do not exceed in this area important limits.

After my personal believe that we have in any case, and the reason is quite simple, because we do not attempt here to recognize this basic relationships and are guided by them, but we rely on the hierarchic foundations of our lives … who can is the greatest and does it because he can. So monopolistic thinking and lifestyles which are contrary to the natural origins in principle arise. This kind of thinking will only activate the search for arguments to approach the matter positively or negatively with his personal subjectivity. Man begins to defend its own advantages against everything else. So a very superficial examination and argumentation is built up which completely distort the view of the essential and loses focus. I am the reference and the other is always guilt or evil. A consideration in the collective here is not the approach possible, but here it is the appearance of the whole of the works.

It is in man’s life for a long time no longer really a matter of doing something because you can. But it is good to be able to do something when it is really needed and useful, it is fully compatible and can be integrated. But it is precisely the integration and compatibility of new things in our lives is not questioned. Rather, it is judged on completely incorrect parameters. Here are therefore our development is driving further and further away from that which we actually call the livelihood and the underlying economic orientation of our life, leaves us completely overlook the really decisive basics. The life that arises, has nothing to do with the life of man in the neck. We started a parallel life and have the hope that it is possible to lead this life. The connection with nature plays a role as the life of the underlying scale is completely ignored. The superficiality makes us overlook the key facts completely and we only see the benefit. The consideration has gone completely lost and everyone ignores his own ruthlessness.

We should finally decide the right thing and that is the harmony with nature, because in this line all circles close again and not like in the world, we have built a life in recent decades and explain as civilized. A life in civilization and in a future civilization is not to ignore the line, but not to lose him, despite some improvements and changes from the center of our being.

If we want to enable sufficient agriculture in Germany, therefore, to also produce bioplastic, the available agricultural area is no longer enough we grow for the fuel at the moment. Then where we grow our fuel? For our food it already is no longer enough. Large areas are already grown in fields other continents several years.
This can not be regarded as consistent with the nature and here, other people are their nature-related foundations been withdrawn by nature given, just go away …. because we can. We face not only about people, we are also ignorant about nature. All this having to make everything from plastic because of the delusions of individuals who think here. How many resources that would actually close the circle will be thrown away for disregarded or devalued? How many people have therefore lost their jobs in recent decades? How many professions unnecessarily destroyed and have to be laboriously dug back out of the drawer.
We had previously regulated our lives with the faces that were there, the circle with nature was closed and everything was fine. Commonly no one has lived beyond its means and everything worked. We had everything we now desperately trying u. To regulate A. by plastic.

In recent decades, the consumption of resources has been increased to excess. From the outset it was evident that the existing circuits are ignored in our lives and it started that was made about our own well. As the finite nature were found, which were missing valences still not noticed. Time and again there have been attempts to correct the consequences and mankind has behaved like a bull in a china shop. The actual important roots that could have been recognized and have to correct that have been generally ignored. There had to be taken away all over again the little ones. Existing life always had to be destroyed so that individual can get more, and that would justify your wealth now about the death of billions of people out.

So artificial dependencies have been created that installed a glow over the being. This creates unconsciously and still wanted an ignorance that can in any case be feared consequences that can not be ignored. Because we are allegedly so come in the near future to the limits of our existence. It is not otherwise possible in this way. Because the way we’re going, with the glow over the being, does not show us the images that we should be able to detect. Knowledge and insights that would make this possible, be withheld from us or replaced by a diversity that corresponds to the diversity of society. Thus, the unity among the people is trying to prevent and to split society.

What now concerns the core issue of this paper, that the plastic of the future, I am convinced, that are obviously met with us here on the basis of lies, and brought to light by scientific measurements, is the demand for plastics reduced to a fraction of and should. At least we should be this strong. That there are some areas where we should not to do without, I do not want to exclude. In these areas also perfected plastics can indeed get their permission. However, we should reflect present in most areas of our lives on the circuits and to us usually very sustainable resources that remain often as such useless. The consumption of resources should not be based on the possibilities, but on the real needs we please do not equate with the artificial needs of our present life. Animating the cycles and the growing harmony with nature, will move people gradually to be to orient due to their found themselves in self-responsibility back to the essential, to the really matters. The rule of thumb is simple here, because all nature, the environment and our bodies do not really need, has lost nothing in circulation and in the circuits.

We should stop trying to change the nature and defend ourselves against anything that changes the nature. It can have no future, the nature is due to their integrity, their sustainability, their unity and their precession always Larger and nothing can on this planet ever stand above it. You can go down with us, but we can not survive without them.

But as I said, that’s my opinion and everyone has the right to see it completely different!
The following video gives valuable information. It makes clear what the previous idea is based and what information means the foundations here.