Sea falls and oceanic sources

Sea Falls and oceanic sources are absolutely new for many people. Well here we have chosen at this point these names to make the problems for each course. It is about the regions where the deep currents change in surface currents and vice versa. So water falls into the depths and where else it rises to the surface, This involves processes which very few people can really describe exactly.

The “global conveyor belt,” the most important erdumfassende flow system (blue: deep currents, red: surface currents). The yellow dots marking the locations of the sinking of cold water. Own picture.

On closer inspection it comes to very important areas, as the global conveyor belt, the scientists say, will need 1,000 to 1,200 years to orbit. So the water is at a point today, will arrive again at this point about in this period. So that the water of the Earth is an average of 500 to 600 years at the surface and then the same time in the deep sea. And thus the importance of clear, because even if we might get the garbage in the next 200 to 300 years from the oceans, we will need a few thousand years to filter out about 95% of the micro plastic. However, we can reduce that time dramatically if we dedicate these regions from the beginning of our attention.

For this must urgently be held conversations with the people who can explain these areas. to provide a decent working group on its feet here. It is not easy for sure, but we are convinced that it is very important to make it at the beginning of thought. … too many thoughts you can not make it.