Animal suffering

Quite apart from the garbage because just does not belong, is caused by the existence of waste in our waters extremely much suffering, you can not belittle itself with greatest skill. The garbage is clear as evidence and nothing can trivialize it. Consist of various reasons important considerations why the animals and the influence must belong to nature to focus when it comes to cleaning the oceans. Therefore, we show at this point to various issues that will expand in the near future certainly still considerable.

When reference is made in the reports of about 100,000 mammals that must perish miserably because of the plastic, then such as whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions, and seals, elephant seals and walruses are meant mainly animals. The animals are likely to have the largest share of this unnecessary death, will be the whales due to their food. Because filter all baleen whales, the water and with every bite extreme amounts of water for krill, phytoplankton or zooplankton and algae, other small crustaceans and small fish are filtered. For many large fish, such as whale sharks and manta rays it looks here, otherwise, even if they are not counted here. They have the same food as because they filter the water for krill and plankton, the baleen whales, and so they too are threatened with extinction. They have no way to avoid the plastic. So then what is can not be digested clogged margins and intestines and starve they fill their stomachs, and. Most of them belong to the threatened extinction of animal species. It is a supposition, if so not in some cases more animals die, be born as the particular species, which is why we should not start quickly enough and above all well coordinated. But here there is to say much more.

This was an albatross on Midway Island

So the sea birds that have often in seemingly inaccessible regions their island or your place. Here there lives not a man, but there are endless amounts of waste, which will be without the man does not even put away. A fact that means death for millions of birds each year. Just because they confuse the colorful parts with food. It is here in part to large breeding colonies in which then also get this dangerous substance fed equal to the boys. The animals can not distinguish since. We run alleged here and medium risk, which already extremely and severely limited original variety that has existed here from the natural time to reduce even further and so as to realize the consequences that we can not really imagine or want.

But many other animals suffer most under the plastic, such as the Holy cows in India, countless of which had to be put to sleep and have to end their suffering. Because there are now even sacred cows. You are not going to get away from the garbage dumps and it is clear that this problem needs to be solved globally, because these particular things there are in many cases. From all over the world new cases are known a day in which die animals because of our irresponsibility. Even in our regions died a buck who has tangled in a carelessly left behind nylon rope with its antlers, and only a fraction of these incidents is known.

But in the oceans is affected most intense and beside the sea turtles that are also among the most affected species are actually all the fish. Here, this is due to the global distribution of plastic. There are also light and heavy plastic parts, so plastic and micro plastic could already be detected to depths of 6000 m. Here is the micro plastic that probably the most insidious, because the animals can take it unnoticeable and is deposited in tissues. Shells, yes, if it’s also the water filters, krill and phytoplankton, indeed all the inhabitants of our water concerns and the plastic is not only the most diverse way to destroy the environment, but also the most difficult to returning.

It concerns ourselves too, because the fish that we get on our plates containing plastic and then we store it off. Thus the vicious circle is almost perfect. Nor the consequences of this are not really visible, but released toxins and carcinogens excite the minds, even if the persuade one or the other tried here these matters small. Substances that do not occur in nature; they that have simply nothing lost. We have the opportunity, with all the qualities which some scientists have yet to recognize the far-reaching consequences including not even in the approach.