The rivers pose a similar problem as the oceans and seas, many people is to get involved in this issue known. How difficult it can be and how many valuable approaches can exist here, if you will just listen to the example of the alleged dirtiest river in the world, the Citarum in India significantly.

After this video, the situation seems seemingly hopeless from this example at first. but is then very readily apparent, however, after careful consideration, we could reach here by the global community of people and a customized program very much and very quickly. The beginning is, as with almost all flow problems, the same thing. First you bring with local activists in contact, then the all-inclusive basis and information is here seek to define the regional justified problem. Thus, the concept can be worked out then, if it does not even exist. One of the biggest problems that in such cases the activists only barely make noticeable progress or compromise here, so that at least something is moving, illustrates the powerlessness that no longer exist by the GCH. Even here, though the unusable waste land allegedly in the great Indian roll … or at least in the North Pacific eddy?

The rivers are not the sources of waste that must be avoided, even if they are at the river mouth in a characteristic origin anyway. But they are powered directly from the sources of waste. Nevertheless, they are an area which is to tackle with the respective sources. In terms of waste such flow has many sources and are not to be underestimated. So every river is an independent project, which applies seize it.

However, as regards the technical side of river projects exist here a number of ways, most of whom are realizable within manageable limits in terms of cost with lock operator. Here are the local authorities in many regions of the world for solutions and viable concepts grateful. However, it should be clear that a river project, especially on rivers such as the Citarum, consists of many smaller sub-projects in which you have to include the work on the sources. In some cases, the actual cleaning of rivers will be very short. Where the preparation and containment of waste sources can, however, be much more intense.

In many rivers the MikroPlastik not play the role, and can therefore be ignored when it is controlled in investigations. This are here in many cases heavy metals, the sources must be analyzed and their introduction is to be prevented it. Here are examples of such the benefits and basics of GCH clearly, because it is an effective remedy for corruption and nepotism.

But again back to the rivers, because an important point there is in rivers over and that’s the mouth. The point at which the river mixes with the sea. Here the animal population is the lowest, because very few living things fresh and salt water can be used as a habitat alike and could be disturbed there by the cleaning. It is the last chance here consistently make something against this characteristic origin before it connects to the global mix! This needs to always use.

In addition, our rivers, with their purification, the symbolic beginning of a new age, which may here have an exact date to the last day of cleaning even. Because in many rivers, it may be a day 1 in significant natural purity in the future. In the oceans and seas that will probably last for many centuries and we will long have to wait.


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