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Nice that you are interested in the Global Community of Humanity and want to be part of the community. Following the form, you will find some notes about the global community you should read before you join the community. If this is not enough look times in the FAQ or turn to the support. Welcome.

GCH Beitritt / GCH accession

Ich erkenne mich als Mensch unter Menschen und als Teil der Natur. Daher sehe und erkenne ich mich als Teil der Gemeinschaft 'Global Community of Humanity', um für das Wohl der Menschheit, der Erde, der Natur und Umwelt einzustehen. Meine Selbstverantwortung und mein eigener Wille lassen mich deshalb dafür eintreten, das wir gemeinsam für die Reinigung und eine zukünftige Reinhaltung der Natur wirken können. Mit dieser Erklärung gehe ich keine Verpflichtung ein, bin aber bemüht, im Rahmen meiner Möglichkeiten und Fähigkeiten, mich dafür einzubringen.

In english :
I recognize myself as a man among men, and as part of nature. Therefore I see and recognize myself as part of the Community 'Global Community of Humanity' to stand up for the good of humanity, the earth, nature and the environment. My responsibility and my own will let me therefore advocate that we can act for cleaning and future pollution of nature together. With this declaration, I go no obligation'm however, tried within my means and skills to bring me for it.


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There are a few small things that should be clear to the public, but it is better to make them aware of this before. With the accession of people to the GCH, the “Global Community of Humanity”, the self-speaking community is formed here. No obligations arise for the applicant.

Every single person in the community is a part of this community which, by the number of members, determines their influence on the solution of our problems. For this community every member is equivalent and anonymous from the inside out. Everyone in the community has, of course, the opportunity to present themselves as part of this community, when one has joined.

The Community is a pure community of interests in which the interest is shown by the declaration of accession. It stands automatically behind everything that corresponds to these interests and so the necessary influence arises. Corruption and mice, as well as the preference of individuals, groups or communities, is not possible. For it contradicts within the declared framework everything that does not correspond to the Community interest. The Community has no organizational structure and is represented only by its interests. It is not touchable and it exists alone through its formation. In accordance with the law of nature, it exclusively supports the formulated nature-oriented interests which can not be explained either politically, economically, or religionally.

For the community, the GCH team is self-explanatory. It is determined by the people active in it, which are interactively connected to each other globally and which enabled the formation of the GCH. The team is, as such, structured only within the framework of the requirement by the responsibility of regional responsibility, and will, according to its own rules, represent the interests of the Community. This, in turn, is obligatory to the community’s interests and to self-responsibility. This team is bound to build a global not-for-profit organizational structure, which must first build, and everything will be perceptible to every human being. The GCH team is solely responsible for maintaining and respecting the interests of the community and is therefore led by a group in which the leaders have committed themselves to the appropriate code. This team can never act against the interests of the community and above all do not do what it wants. It will fulfill the purely organizational and administrative tasks around the interests serving. Ultimately, the GCH team is equivalent to any of the forthcoming activities supported and promoted by the Community. The team is responsible for all administrative tasks and finances itself from it.

This raises the question of funding, in which we have to rely on the self-responsibility of the people, who have a framework for their possibilities for this, as well as everyone uses the framework for their possibilities for this community. Ultimately, everything builds on it, because an abuse is not possible, because that would immediately notice in this construct. At this point, there can only be a trust. And that is why we can only rely on donations and trust, because only through this trust can the concentration of the cause be preserved. In this way, everyone is asked to think about the scope of their possibilities and, depending on the result and the possibility, to make a donation or to get in contact with us.

The Community interest is defined by the declaration of accession and can not be further interpreted. In case an enlargement becomes necessary, the team will write to all the people of the community and ask for the vote. Everything else turns out to be self-explanatory and if this is not recognizable for one or the other, we also gladly make this clear in a personal conversation. Otherwise, we would be happy if you also feel part of this community and explain.